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FEBURARY [Feb. 2nd, 2004|06:22 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Hi everyone,

Well it is Feburary 2nd and it has started out well. I am doing well in my oil painting class, and also getting some chill time here at home. I have been going to all of Vince's gigs and also starting to learn more and more about Corpus Christi. I wasnt doing any driving at all since I arrived here until this saturday. It is still weird cuz the streets are so different and have different policies, as in the whole yeilding to the people coming off the freeway, instead of the people coming off the freeway yeilding to the people already on the service road. Anyway, little by little I think I will get the hang of things. I think that is pretty much all for now.
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80s [Jan. 30th, 2004|11:10 pm]
Duck Tales?: Yep I sing the theme song everytime I hear the word DUCKTALES, I still watch the show by the way on Digital Cable
Are you afraid of the dark?: I watched some of the episodes but some were just too creepy, especially in the dark.
Rainbow Brite?: I had EVERYTHING rainbow brite, bed sheets, pillow cases, bed spread, dolls, tee-shirts, EVERYTHING!!!!
Care Bears?: I love them now but I dont remember owning one as a kid.
Pat Benatar?: hmmmm.... love is a battlefield is all I can remember.
Leg warmers?: My mom wore those during the whole 80s aerobics craze.
Jelly bracelets & shoes?: I had tons of neon jelly bracelts and the jelly sweety shoes and sandles.
Charles in Charge?: Yep, i watched every single episode.
ALF?: Yeah I watched the show and the cartoon on saturday mornings, when they used to ahve cartoons all morning long.
American Gladiators?: uhhhh.... no..........
Smurfs?: Still watch the cartoon, and used to eat the cereal, that cereal was the tastiest ever!!!
Pee-Wee's Playhouse?: AWESOME watched it all the time!
Alvin and the Chipmunks?: Yep, watched the cartoon all the time as a kid and also the videos.
Saved By The Bell?: Yeah, I still watch the re-runs
The Wonder Years?: Kevin was a cutie pie
Princess Bride?: what ???!
Dirty Dancing?: Umm.. i was too little to watch that.
Goonies?: Yeah, i saw it now as an adult.
Men At Work?: Vegimite sandwich.
Depeche Mode?: not as a kid but later on I listened to them.
Culture Club?: Yeah! Boy George! Do you really want to hurt me ?!
saying "Cool Beans"?: I still say that, lol
New Kids on the Block?: I had the tapes, cards, and dolls and tee shirts.
StarSearch?: Nope, never watched it.
Breakfast Club?: I watched it recently, it's awesome!
Double Dare?: Yep, still watch it on GAS.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High?: Nope, never seen it.
The Babysitters Club?: Oh yeah, I own all the books and I watched the old school show on Disney!
Spandex pants?: Nope, only during gym.
Trolls?: I had a bunch but dont know what happened to them all.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?: I have the toys, movies, and nintendo games.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off?: Again I didnt see it till recently, but it is awesome.
CabagePatch kids?: I had one that my mommie won in an auction at work.
Pound Puppies?: Yeah! My brother and I had some, and I still have mine and another one from ebay still the in box from hardees.
Fraggle Rock?: "Yep, I watched that on the disney channel.
glow worm?: I only watched the cartoon but I never owned the toy. ratz.
Eurekas castle?: Yeah, I watched it with my brother as a kid.
Strawberry Shortcake?: YEPPERS< I had the outfit as a kid and now I have the mini-dolls.
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woke up, feel out of bed, dragged a comb across my head! [Jan. 28th, 2004|12:14 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]
[Current Music |Bread]

HI everyone,

I had a rough nite last night, so I got up late today. I just couldn't sleep and felt all blah and yucky and sicklike. Anyway, I am feeling much better after I got some sleep after 5 am. lol. So I got up late today, and have just been watching some tv and taking it easy. I am very happy though, I have been making friends here in Corpus and being socialble. I already started taking oil painting classes, and went to the temple here in corpus. So I am starting to get myself busy. Which is good cuz I hate feeling all empty and worthless. The feeling of non-accomplishment. It really sux to feel that way about yourself. Anyway, I am feeling better inside and out.
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Speed from A waking Life [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:39 pm]
Speed: On this bridge, Lorca warns: Life is not a dream, beware, and beware, and beware. And so many think because then happened, now isn't. But didn't I mention? the ongoing *WOW* is happening right now. We are all co-authors of this dancing exuberance, for even our inabilities are having a roast. We are the authors of ourselves, co-authoring a gigantic Dostoevsky novel starring clowns. This entire thing we're involved with called the world is an opportunity to exhibit how exciting alienation can be. Life is a matter of a miracle that is collected over time by moments flabbergasted to be in each others' presence. The world is an exam, to see if we can rise into the direct experiences. Our eyesight is here as a test, to see if we can see beyond it. Matter is here as a test for our curiosity. Doubt is here as an exam for our vitality. Thomas Mann wrote that he would rather participate in life than write a hundred stories. Giacometti was once run down by a car, and he recalled falling into a lucid faint - a sudden exhiliration as he realized at last, something was happening to him. An assumption developed that you cannot understand life and live life simultaneously. I do not agree entirely, which is to say, I do not exactly disagree. I would say that life understood is life lived. But, the paradoxes bug me, and I can learn to love and make love to the paradoxes that bug me, and on really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion. Before you drift off, don't forget, which is to say remember, because remembering is so much more a psychotic activity than forgeting: Lorca, in that same poem, said that the Iguana will bite those who do not dream, and as one realizes that one is a dream figure in another person's dream....that is self-awareness!
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raindrops [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:38 pm]

Have my love, like a flowing dove
Take my lips
They were yours from the start
Take my arms
With your charm
You bring such joy
To this broken down toy
You make the choice
To hear my voice
In the street
Throughout the trees
You hear my name
In the rain
Dancing spirits
You feel the sudden cold
The flashing warm soul
I caught your eye
While I played so shy
For you I give this tune
To heal all your wounds
Feel what you've been dying for
Just walk through that door
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letting go [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:36 pm]
Letting Go

You got me right where you found me
With my arms around you
I've got your taste on my lips
I took your wink and a sip
Those piercing eyes, that cliff on your chin
The grip from your hands, the tone of your voice.
The mood in the room.
While we're making love
If only our body’s were apart
It would be so easy
When I start dancing inside you
You conduct my body
I picked up your vibe
And you got on the ride
You took my soul when you went down on me
I'm so full of you I could burst apart and cry
Your nude flesh against mine
How could you be so fine
When they said you were too old
I should have let you go
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Come On [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:36 pm]
Come on

Lets run away together
Get away from it all
Don't you know it hurts so much
No one will ever know
I think it's time
Leave it all behind
all the pain
all the hurt
all the tears
It's all too much to bear
This is a phony sick world
Not much sense in what I do
come on
lets go
You are my love
Slip your hand into mine
Join my dream
and make it come true
If there's good
Take you away
you are my world, you are my only love.
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Melt [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:35 pm]

When I looked into your eyes
I knew you were my destiny
And I thought you'd get the best of me
My first flush of ecstasy
My heart's a shrine to you
All those words dripping from your lips,
Your burning flame
My teardrops
If only I could melt into you.
The smell of your wet flesh,
The taste of your mouth,
The way you make my body dance.
When you shower me with sweet affection baby.
I can never stop, it's killing me babe.
I know where your place is.
I'll pay any price just to melt into you, yeah.
When I start I just can't stop, babe, just wanna melt, baby,
Melt into you yeah.
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Don't Ever [Jan. 24th, 2004|08:35 pm]
Don't ever

I wish I'd never seen your face
How could I ever keep up with your pace
You keep it true
But you make me blue
I don't know why you move me so
I've never felt this way before
If I'd only turned my head
Backed away
But that look on your face
drives me insane
The tone in your voice
Has me with no choice
I caved in and took your love
I slipped my hand into your glove
No lover's fool
You left your mark on me
the taste of bittersweet
Two hearts becoming one
Don't turn and run
Your in me
Forever and Ever
Your so good
Give yourself to me
Your just a touch away
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an old poem/song from back in the day [Jan. 22nd, 2004|01:29 pm]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |david bowie tunes]

Alone Again

I reach out for your hand but then wake, to find I’m all alone
I close my eyes and feel your arms around me.
I'm all alone again.
Alone again.
Was it all but a dream or was I just a fool to think it all might be real.
All I wanted was to love and be loved.
Now I'm all alone again.
Alone again.
You took my breath away.
You took my soul away,
And left me all alone.
Was it all a game, was it all in vain?
I can't even start to envision making love to anyone but you.
I can't ever share you with anyone, we must remain one.
If I could inhale your life into me I would.
All I wanted was to love and be loved.
All I needed was you next to me.
All I ever wanted, was you and only you.
I can feel you growing next to me, If we could only flow into the sea.
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