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Hello y'all [Feb. 17th, 2004|06:08 pm]
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Hi Y'all,

Well it is Feb 17, tomorrow is my hubbies b-day and I have no idea what to get him I think I should do something creative instead of the whole buying a card, and buying a cake. I think I will make him a card and cake. Anway, I have some new toys, I found out that target is putting out the Rainbow Brite gang in dolls and toys, I got the 10" doll with sprite. IT is so cute and awesome, I think better then the ones that were put out last year buy hot topic cuz it is even in the classic box from the 80s. Anyway, they also have the big dolls, and many other different dolls, yellow canary, red butler, patty o'green, and they also come with their sprites. My hubby got me the doll for valentines, :-), I also got these little cute toys called puffkins and a wheres waldo toy, and a super mario bros toys those I got at a local antic store. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good valentines day. being a such an 80s child I would rather get 80s stuff then furs and jewlery,lol. I am now more interested in 80s cloths then toys, cuz I'm running out of room in my apt.hehehe. Especially since it will be spring soon, I am looking for 80s tees, tanks, and shorts. What I am REALLY looking for are those circle clips that go on your tee tails. I hope I can find those somewhere. Anyway, I finished my 1st oil painting, and starting another tomorrrow, I'm very excited about it. Well thats about it for now, se you all soon. Byeeee Rabbilizzy_81